Aug. 22, 2019

5 Home Buying Myths Busted


Home Buying Myths presented by True Realty Of Colorado


It’s less expensive to rent than own.

One of the most widespread untruths about home buying is that renting your home is less expensive than owning your home. When you are renting, it needs to be remembered that the renter is paying for the landlord’s mortgage plus the extra amount that the landlord charges in order to make a profit on the rental property. Take the Denver Metro area for example. According to the Denver Post this past June, Denver, the average 1 bedroom apartment rental is $1,540 a month. When you flip that to the other side of real estate, according to Trulia, the average 1 bedroom property sale price is $270,000. When $270,000 is calculated down into monthly payments with the national average interest rate of 3.97% and 0% down, the monthly mortgage (prior to insurance) would be $1,284. That is $3,072 annually that is put into your pocket instead of someone else’s. Plus, rent isn’t always consistent. Rental prices can fluctuate from year to year whereas your mortgage will not change. That average rental price of $1,540 could easily go up to $1,700 next year but that mortgage payment of $1,284 will remain. 


You need a 20% down payment.

While it is ideal to have as large of a down payment that your savings allows, a down payment, especially a large one, is not always realistic. The majority of conventional home loans require a 5% - 20% down payment but there are also a few types of home loans that require as little as 0% down. 


- VA and USDA - 0% minimum down payment

- FHA - 3.5% minimum down payment

- Conforming loan - 3% minimum down payment


Of course, there are certain requirements and restrictions to each of these loan types so it is ideal to discuss with your lender or financial adviser on which loan will be the most beneficial for you. Waiting to buy a home until you have saved up for a 20% down payment may also end up hurting you more than helping. During the time you are saving, the housing market will likely fluctuate and you may miss your opportunity to purchase the perfect property now.

All that you need upfront is a down payment.

When it comes to buying a home, the upfront costs attention usually casts a spotlight on the down payment. However, there are a few other costs that will be required upfront. Prior to sitting down at the closing table, a home inspection is recommended/required. If the property has specifics such as a chimney, foundation trouble, or a septic system, you may also need to pay for specialists in those areas for an inspection as well. After the home inspection and any requested repairs have been made, the home will need to be appraised. This can be an upfront cost at the time of the appraisal or included in the closing costs. Once at the closing table, anticipate paying for closing costs, property taxes, and homeowner’s insurance. Closing costs can be anticipated to estimate around an additional 2.5% of the purchase price of the home. Fortunately, closing costs can be negotiated to be a cost of the party selling the home. When everything is said and done with the purchasing process, there may still be leftover repairs that you will want to fix or additions you may want to make. 


The only additional ongoing costs after closing will be PITI (principal, interest, taxes, insurance).

Mortgage payments and home insurance are not the only costs that will be continuing from month to month. Depending upon the community that your new home is in, HOA (Home Owners Association) fees and CDD (Community Development District) fees may be month costs that need to be added into your monthly expenses. If you are used to renting, additional costs that your landlord may have included in your rent may be water, sewer, gas, and trash. To figure out what to expect, you can ask your landlord if he/she has a record of what your average monthly usages are, then contact the companies you anticipate utilizing at your new home to get cost estimates based on your previous usage.


Not using a real estate agent will save you money.

A buyer’s real estate agents usually receives between 2.5%-3%, however, the buyer is not the party who pays that commission. The real estate agent that was involved in the sale of the property charges between 5%-6% commission of the sale then splits that commission with the buyer’s real estate agent. The seller is actually the party who pays both real estate agents and the buyer gets to utilize a real estate agent, essentially, for free.


We hope that you find these 5 tips helpful! If you are interested in a free, non-obligatory consultation - please give me a call at your convenience at (720) 305-0757.



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Aug. 20, 2019

Highlands Ranch, Colorado


About the community of Highlands Ranch Colorado homes for sale



Coming in at 3rd for best suburbs to live in and best places to raise a family in the state of Colorado is Highlands Ranch. Highlands Ranch has an overall A+ Niche rating with schools, housing, and being "good for families", receiving an A+.


Overall Niche: a+

Schools: a

Housing: a-

Good for families: a+


Nightlife: b+

Diversity: b


Highlands Ranch offers 19 parks with several off-leash dog areas, 60 miles of trails, 3 community gardens, and over 2,000 square feet of completely undeveloped land for exploration adventures.


The Highlands Ranch Mansion is also located here. This historic landmark is surrounded by a working ranch with historic barns, ranch houses, a bunkhouse, corrals, pastures, and an iconic windmill. The current park Highlands Ranch Park is 50 acres with 1.4 miles of soft surface trails that are a part of the Highlands Ranch Metro District’s trail system. 


Highlands Ranch was voted:
#3 best suburbs and #7 best places to live in Colorado

#3 best suburbs and #4 best places to raise a family in Colorado

#4 best suburbs to buy a house in Colorado

#14 best suburbs for young professionals in Colorado

#16 best places to buy a house in Colorado

#20 suburbs and #23 places with the best public schools in Colorado

#21 best places to retire in Colorado


True Realty's team is excited to share this wonderful community with you. If you are in the process of buying / selling your home in Highlands Ranch, Colorado - we would be honored to chat with you. Please give us a call @ (720) 305-0757.

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Aug. 18, 2019

Planning to move? Should youI sell your home before listing yours for sell?



Should you sell your home first before buying another


More than 71% of home sellers look at homes for sale while their current home is listed for sale. In hindsight, 24% of those sellers stated that they wished they would have began the selling process earlier.  


Most home sellers ask themselves, “should I buy or sell my home first?”


There are a handful of factors that should go into this decision making process:


Market Conditions: Is this now a “seller’s market”? In a seller’s market, there are tons of buyers looking for homes but there are few homes available, making this a “seller’s market”. 


If you are in this season, you will be included in this mix and competing against one another for the handful of homes available on the market. This is the reason that manh home sellers elect to rent for a period of time after selling their home and until the market changes and in their favor. Some cannot even fathom the idea of “packing again” and add a move to the mix. You’ll have to determine which of the two scenarios you’d best handle. 


Financial Situation: Can you face two house payments? If you don’t have cash reserved, you’ll need the equity in your home to purchase the new one, meaning that you’ll have to either sell your current home before buying another or consider alternative solutions such as a Bridge Loan, Home Equity Line Of Credit, borrow against your 401K, simultaneously close. 


If you would like to sit down with one of our team members to discuss your options, you can simply call 720-305-0757 and ask for a free, non-obligatory consult. There is no pressure and we will offer honest advice that is truly in your best interest. Give True Realty a call today.

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Aug. 11, 2019

Newlywed Home Buying Tips


Buying Your First Home Together With True Realty

Getting married is a very exciting time and momentous moment. Buying your fist home together as a couple should be just as joyous and exciting, yet can sometimes be overwhelming. We have a few tips on how to discuss options prior to beginning your home search.

Finances + Credit
If it hasn’t already been discussed, learning of each other’s current financial status and credit history is better to do prior to starting your search. The type of home that you can afford and the loan amount that you can qualify for depends on your joint financial status and credit history. If these two key items aren’t discussed first, you could be wasting your time viewing homes that are out of your reach at the moment.

Mortgage Options
Do you both have a fantastic credit history or is one credit history stronger than the others? While it is customary to believe both people need to be involved in the mortgage process, there are times where it is beneficial for only one person to be on the loan. If one credit history is not extremely strong and/or has debt or delinquencies involved, that person’s credit can drive up the interest rate, drive up the down payment, and drive down the approved loan amount. This is an example of where it may be beneficial for only one person to be on the home loan.

Type of Home + Amenities
One of the best ways to figure out on what type of home will make both of you happy is for each of you to make a list of your must-haves and wants in rank of importance then combine the lists. Don’t forget that marriage is all about compromise! The number one item on one list may be the number thirteen item on the other list. One example of compromise might be if one person can’t have their number one, maybe they can have both number two and number three on the list.

Here is a list of things to keep in mind:

  • Type (single-family, townhome, condo, manufactured)
  • Construction (vinyl, brick, stucco, etc.)
  • Location (commute time, neighborhood, school district)
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Square footage
  • Lot size (backyard, front yard, no yard)
  • Parking (garage, carport, street, parking lot)
  • Layout design (open floor plan, traditional, split)
  • Amenities (gas vs electric, deck, front porch, fireplace, etc.)
  • Flooring (hardwood, tile, carpet, laminate, etc.)
  • Finishes (countertops, cabinets)

Think of the Future
Are you going to have kids? Do you already have kids? What school districts are your kids going to attend or currently attend? Do you plan on having animals? How long do you anticipate living in this house? These are all fantastic questions to ask yourselves when considering what home best fits your needs. Take these into consideration and see if you can come up with more situational questions that may affect your future living situation.

Purchasing Process
If neither of you has owned a home before, learning of the home buying process can be a bit overwhelming. Here is what to expect.

  1. Apply for a mortgage and get pre-approved
  2. Contact a realtor
  3. Tour homes
  4. Choose a home and put in an offer
  5. Complete mortgage approval
  6. Home inspection
  7. Final walk-through
  8. Close

Home buying can be a challenging process when combining the interests of multiple people. Don’t worry, it is possible! Be sure to be honest with each other about what you can and cannot live without because living together in a home you hate is not the way you will want to start off a marriage. 

For a free consultation with no obligation - please feel free to give us a call @ (720) 305-0757.


Aug. 1, 2019

Mortgage rates fall


Falling Interest Rates Presented By True Realty

Mortgage rates fall, reaching nearly three-year low!

According to the National Association of Realtors, all four major US regions (The south, east, west and midwest) saw contract signings increase, with the west seeing the biggest spike in activity. Pending home sales give a good indicator of future housing activity because they're based on homebuyer contract signings. What's more, year-over-year pending sales surged 1.6%, breaking a 17-month long losing streak of annual declines.

Lawrence Yun, NAR’s chief economist, said upswing in contract signings is a good sign for housing, which has seen somewhat sluggish activity this year. “Job growth is doing well, the stock market is near an all-time high and home values are consistently increasing,” Yun said in a statement. “When you combine that with the incredibly low mortgage rates, it is not surprising to now see two straight months of increases."

mortgage rates fell

Sam Khater, Freddie Mac's chief economist, said in a statement that he expects the lower mortgage rates to positively impact the housing market .... "Mortgage rates continued to hover near the three-year lows and purchase applications demand has responded, rising steadily over the last two months to the highest year-over-year change since the fall of 2017," he said. "While the improvement has yet to impact home sales, there's a clear firming of purchase demand that should translate into higher home sales in the second half of this year."

The number of potential buyers exceeds

he number of homes available here in Colorado!

Ready to sell your home?

Give True Realty a call for a

free consultation @ 720-305-0757.


Real Estate Market Report






July 30, 2019

Greenwood Village



Greenwood Village Colorado



With an A rated public school system and easy access to parks and trails, Greenwood Village is one of the best suburbs to live in within Colorado. Greenwood Village actually ranked in as #12 for best suburbs to live and #13 for best places to retire in Colorado. Greenwood Village residents are very active and health-conscious. The Greenwood Athletic Club and Tennis Center is a 150,000 premier health club, perfect for those who love to stay active. When looking for an outdoor activity, Greenwood Village holds an equestrian park along with 280 acres of parks with 47 miles of trains, including Cherry Creek State Park which contains an off-leash dog park. Greenwood Village also appeals to the artistic side as well with Fiddler's Green Amphitheater and the Curtis Arts and Humanities Center which holds the annual All Colorado Art Show.


Overall Niche: A+

Schools: A

Good for families: A

Crime: B-

Nightlife: A

Diversity: B+


#10 suburbs and # 13 places with the best public schools in Colorado

#11 best suburbs for young professionals in Colorado

#12 best suburbs to live in Colorado

#13 best places to retire in Colorado

#15 best suburbs and #23 best places to raise a family in Colorado


  • Active and health conscious
  • Easy access to parks and trails
  • Greenwood Athletic Club and Tennis Center - 150,000 sq ft premier health club
  • 280 acres of parks 47 miles of trails
  • Equestrian park
  • Cherry Creek State Park: off-leash dog park
  • Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater
  • Curtis Arts and Humanities Center: host of annual All Colorado Art Show

Greenwood Village, Colorado is truly a great place to call home!


View homes for sale in Greenwood Village



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July 26, 2019

Denver Metro Parks and Trails


Colorado Parks and Trails


Enjoy a day outdoor with family and friends and experience the beauty of some of the most scenic views in the US. True Realty has compiled a list of local parks and trails for your enjoyment:



Cherry Creek State Park

·       Trails map:


Chatfield State Park

·       Area map:

·       Trails map:

·       Campground map:


Roxborough State Park

·       Trails map:


Castlewood Canyon State Park

·       Trails map:

·       Area map:

·       East facilities map:

·       West facilities map:


Staunton State Park

·       Trails map:


Barr Lake State Park

·       Area map:

·       Trail map:


Eldorado Canyon State Park

·       Area map:

·       Climbing routes:


Golden Gate Canyon State Park

·       Trails map:

·       Region map:

·       Backcountry camping map:

·       Reverend Ridge camping map:

·       Aspen Meadow camping map:

·       Green Ranch hunting map:


Bear Creek Park


Prairie Uplands Park


Westerly Creek Park


Greenway Park


Sanchez (Paco) Park


Lakewood and Dry Gulch Park


Bible (James A) Park


Hentzell (Paul A) Park


Bear Valley Park


Lookout Mountain Park


Genesee Park


Red Rocks Park


Little Park and Bear Creek Regional Trail


Corwina, O’Fallon and Pence Parks


Dedisse Park


Pence Mountain Park


Bergen Park


Echo Lake Park


Fillius Park


Matthews/Winters Park


Summit Lake Park


Pioneer Trail


Denver Urban Trails

July 23, 2019

Colorado School News


Colorado School News



We are fortunate to have some of the best schools in the state of Colorado! Here are just a few updates:



Bishop Elementary construction will be completed in January 2020. Students of Bishop Elementary will still be located in the old Maddox Early Childhood building until December 2019


Cherrelyn Elementary construction is coming to completion and students will start the 2019-2020 school year in the new Cherrelyn Elementary building.


Principal Skaggs of Colorado’s Finest High School of Choice was named Colorado Principal of the Year!

Greenwood Village (Centennial)

If your child is new to AP classes, Cherry Creek High School has an AP Boot Camp that begins August 1st that will help students adjust to the demand that is required of AP classes. Register for AP Boot Camp here -

Littleton (Centennial)

Kids eat free all summer long at Littleton schools! Here you can find the schedule, menu, and locations -


School-based health centers are still open during Summer Break -


Kids eat free all summer long at Aurora schools! Here you can find the schedule and locations -


9News: Superintendent of Aurora Public Schools presents early-stage framework for the future to Board of Education -

Parker - Douglas County

Out of the 1.6 million students who entered into the 2019 National Merit Scholarship Program, two Douglas County students have won a National Merit Scholarship -



July 18, 2019

"Budgeting" Really Doesn't Have To Be A "Fun-Sucker"

Monthly Budget Habits

Budgeting is essential, allowing you to create a plan for the things you need, things that are important and prepare you for emergency situations. Budgeting will also allow you to significantly reduce your debt and the opportunity to invest towards your future, tuck money away for your children’s college fund, vacations, etc. “Budgeting” tends to have a “fun-sucker” reputation for many couples or those who are trying to figure out how to budget for the first time. Many view it as a way to take all the fun out of spending money – no more eating out, shopping or golf outings. That is not the case nor the purpose of a budget.

No matter how old you are or your current economic status, everyone benefits from a budget. A budget is one of the most successful tools for your financial future because it shows how much money you have coming in and how your money is being spent. Staying in tune with your budget will help you stay in control and get the most out of your money.

There are four easy ways to keep track and monitor your income and pay attention to your spending.

1.      Pen and paper: This is the by far the oldest method and the least expensive. Simply write down all sources of income and then all expenses. If the two balance, you’re ahead of the game.

2.      Spreadsheet: Microsoft excel is something that nearly everyone has installed on their computer. Many sites offer free samples and you can access a free personal monthly budget template here.  This will help you stay organize, itemize your resources and expenses as well as the math. You can sort your categorized your expenses to determine overall spend as well as income. You can even sort by month and forecast your budget for holiday spending or special occasions such as an upcoming graduation, wedding or the purchase of a new car. There are a plethora of ways to maximized your budget sheet. If you feel overwhelmed, one of our team members will be more than happy to assist so you can make the most of your budget sheet.

3.      Online software / apps: There are many free programs and apps available, enabling you to create a budget tracker, shopping lists, etc., allowing you to take charge of your finances. With the technology built in to our cell phones and other mobile devices, these tools can help you stay on track in real time, removing opportunities to overspend, splurge and buyer’s remorse. A couple of resources that you can check out are “” and “”.

4.      Financial software: There are also several financial programs, desktop and cloud based, that you can use that allow you to have complete transparency, particularly if you have multiple resources of income that in turn create multiple outlets for expenses. “Quickbooks” and “Microsoft Money” are two leading software programs that you can check into.

Overall, you want to set goals, calculate your income and expenses, monitor your budget sheet, revisit from time to time to see how you can maximize your money and stay committed to the process. Many who are new to budgeting find it difficult to stay disciplined in the very beginning. If you can find a way to stick to the plan, we promise that the rewards are great and the satisfaction of accomplishment in itself is very gratifying. If you would like to chat with one of the True Realty team members to answer questions or lead you to a financial adviser, please give us a call @ 720-305-0757.

July 15, 2019

Housing Trends summer 2019 - Is the market up or down?


True Realty Colorado Housing Trends

Recent research indicates that the housing market for the Denver Aurora Metro is on the up. Mortgage rates have steadily dropped since the start of the year, motivating home buyers and strengthening the market. In fact, mortgage applications significantly rose the first week of June, indicating a summer boost.

Freddie Mac reported on June 13, the average rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage was 3.82%, the lowest since September 2017 and the start of 2019 where rates averaged 4.51%. In addition to buyers who can benefit from the low-rate currently at hand, many homeowners could benefit as well with a refinance.

freddie mac rates.png

The US average for home sales declined for the second month in a row. This is somewhat due to the shortage of affordable homes in many markets and a sign of a slowing economy. However, the housing market in Colorado is looking extremely well. Wallethub recently named Denver, Aurora and Colorado Springs in the top ten of the US large cities to start a business.

In April, the average home price in metro Denver area was a record high of $553,371. The average condo price was $368,565. The lag in home buying for metro Denver is coming to an end as inventory is up 11.4% and sales increased 4.2%. Additionally, buyers will take advantage of the recently lowered 30-year fixed mortgage rate and this will in-turn assist in a boost for the summer months. 

Colorado is ranked 2nd nationally overall economically and tied with Hawaii for the lowest unemployment rate. Cost of living and lifestyle are driving factors, especially those who are leaving the west coast at a massively high rate.  Denver has one of the best real estate market forecasts for this year, making investment appealing. Tourism for both the summer and winter months are attractive, boosting rental opportunities for those investors. 

Whether you are in the market to buy or sell your home, our team is a trusted resource to determine if now is the right time for you and your current situation. The housing market research helps play a role in deciding if this is your time to act, however much more goes into the decision making process and what is best for you. To learn more and to receive a free, non-obligatory evaluation, give us a call @ 720-305-0757.

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