With the higher temps, we wanted to share a few ways that you can beat the heat and stay cool!

Block The Sun

Room temps can increase by 10 to 20 degrees with direct sunlight. Block the sun by closing curtains and blinds. If you don’t have curtains, use bed sheets.


Replace your A/C filter once a month during the summer. If you have a window unit, seal any cracks. Do you have a fireplace? Don’t forget to close the damper so that hot air isn’t sneaking in as you run the A/C.

Fan Strategy

When I was a kid, we didn’t have any A/C and I don’t recall too many days being unbearable. My Mother would place box fans throughout the house, facing outward and forcing the heat out while pulling cooler air in. She also placed a couple of fans on a table top with a bowl of ice in front, that was always a nice treat! One last trick was to place a standing floor fan in the middle of the room, creating a cross breeze. Many summer nights, the cross breeze was especially cool.

Remember, ceiling fans for the summer should run counter-clockwise, forcing air downward and cooling the room.

Know The Pulse Points

Need to cool down quickly? Apply ice packs or cold compresses to pulse points – the neck, elbow and wrists, behind the needs, groins and ankles. You can also fill a sock with rice and place in the freezer for an hour and use for about 30 minutes.

Dress For The Heat

The goal is to have the sweat evaporate from the skin to air. Wear loose, light colors that allow air to move and keep from feeling sticky.

Protect your head from the sun with a hat, scarf or loose ball cap … or use an umbrella.

Dress like a cowboy. The handkerchief around a cowboy’s neck wasn’t necessarily a fashion trend, there was a purpose. The handkerchief was actually damp and cooled the neck.

Stay Hydrated & Eat Light

We hear this often, drink lots of water. As the body sweats, you must replenish the moisture that you perspire. Otherwise, your body temperature will rise. Try to avoid alcohol, caffeine or sugar heavy beverages.

Eat smaller meals. Smoothies, fruits and veggies are great options for food. Watermelon has the greatest water content of any food and is a great summer time treat for all ages. Spicy foods that heat your mouth cool the body. According to research conducted by Dr. Ollie Jay, sweating from the consumption of a hot beverage or spicy food outweighs the added heat.

Another great alternative is to freeze fruits like blueberries, strawberries, mango and cherries. You can enjoy the frozen treats by themselves or infuse your water, encouraging you to drink more. Chrysanthemum tea is also a natural coolant to enjoy and helps lower the body temperature in addition to being loaded with vitamins.

Need to cool a bottled beverage quickly?  Wrap a wet paper towel around the drink and place it in the freezer for about 15 minutes!

Break Out The Water Balloons

Who doesn’t love a good ‘ole fashion water balloon fight – fun for all ages! There are a few products on the market that eliminate the process of filling the balloons and tying off. . . who enjoys that! “Bunch O Balloons” are self sealing and easily filled within seconds. A trick is to fill the bucket that will hold the balloons with water so that the balloons don’t stick together and burst before playtime.

Cold Potato is a great alternative for summertime fun. Use a pin to poke a tiny hole in the neck of the balloon, allowing a slow and steady leak. Toss the leaky balloon from one player to the next, spraying everyone in the process. Be sure to toss quickly as the goal is to pass the balloon before the water runs out.

The kids enjoy a good game of “towel toss”, using a beach towel, position one or two at each end of the towel. Place a water balloon in the center and lift the towel, sending the balloon into the air. The goal is to see how high the balloon can soar and catch the balloon without bursting.

One more water balloon game is to fill a dozen water balloons and take turns throwing high into the air over a driveway, seeing who can make the biggest splat. Use chalk to trace the outline and determine who won.

More Outdoor Fun

Have the kids create their own sprinkler with a 2-liter bottle and garden hose. Use a pushpin to create 8 holes on each side of the bottle. Use a bamboo skewer to widen the holes. Use a ¾ inch female by ¾ inch female swivel hose adapter to thread the bottle onto the hose. Use rubber washers to minimize leaks. Turn on the hose and have fun! Be sure to not turn the water on to full pressure as this could force the bottle off of the hose. Check on your DIY sprinkler once in a while to make sure that the connection isn’t loosening and risking coming loose.

Bubbles and glow sticks are a great distraction from the heat in the shade as well as an outdoor picnic. Consider camping at home! One of my daughter’s memories that she often talks about is when “camped at home”, sleeping on the hammock, falling asleep as we gazed at the stars.

“Sponge Bombs” are a great replacement to water balloons, reusable and environmentally friendly. All that you need are sponges, scissors and fishing line or yarn. Cleanup after playtime is easy  … just stuff them in a mesh or linen bag to dry.

Check out this over-sized sponge bomb made with foam and rope. . . oh yeah, talk about fun!

Don’t Forget About Your Pets

Be sure to provide plenty of fresh, clean water and shad from the sun. For canines, create a Popsicle by filling a bucket with water, chicken broth and dog treats and freezing. Turn the bucket over and the Popsicle will slide out to the delight of your furry friend.

Get a baby pool for your dog to splash around. Not all dogs like water and not all dogs are good swimmers …. be sure to not leave your pet alone around a large swimming pool.

Nothing is more important than brushing your furry family member, removing the winter undercoat and tangles, allowing circulation and protection from the sun.


We hope that you find the tips above to help bear the heat. If you find that your home is in need of any repairs over the summer and are not sure who to contact, we have a plethora of trusted resources that can assist. Just give us a call @ (720) 305-0757.