Colorado Parks and Trails


Enjoy a day outdoor with family and friends and experience the beauty of some of the most scenic views in the US. True Realty has compiled a list of local parks and trails for your enjoyment:



Cherry Creek State Park

·       Trails map:


Chatfield State Park

·       Area map:

·       Trails map:

·       Campground map:


Roxborough State Park

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Castlewood Canyon State Park

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·       Area map:

·       East facilities map:

·       West facilities map:


Staunton State Park

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Barr Lake State Park

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·       Trail map:


Eldorado Canyon State Park

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·       Climbing routes:


Golden Gate Canyon State Park

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·       Region map:

·       Backcountry camping map:

·       Reverend Ridge camping map:

·       Aspen Meadow camping map:

·       Green Ranch hunting map:


Bear Creek Park


Prairie Uplands Park


Westerly Creek Park


Greenway Park


Sanchez (Paco) Park


Lakewood and Dry Gulch Park


Bible (James A) Park


Hentzell (Paul A) Park


Bear Valley Park


Lookout Mountain Park


Genesee Park


Red Rocks Park


Little Park and Bear Creek Regional Trail


Corwina, O’Fallon and Pence Parks


Dedisse Park


Pence Mountain Park


Bergen Park


Echo Lake Park


Fillius Park


Matthews/Winters Park


Summit Lake Park


Pioneer Trail


Denver Urban Trails