How to avoid pitfalls when buying or selling a home presented by True Realty Colorado


Protect yourself from costly mistakes and be aware of situations that could be potential pitfalls when buying or selling your home.



  • Do not buy a house you cannot afford.
  • Do not empty your savings.
  • Check your credit report and correct errors.
  • Get more than one rate quote.
  • Seek out first-time buyer programs.
  • Look into VA, SDA, and FHA loans.
  • Get pre-approved for a loan.
  • Do not buy without a home inspection.
  • Do not obtain new credit, such as a new credit card, prior to closing.
  • Do not forget about homeowner’s insurance.
  • Use a real estate agent.



  • Do not sell before your ready to.
  • Do not let your ego or emotion rule the sale.
  • Do not underestimate the cost of selling.
  • Price your home realistically based on assessment and current market.
  • Stage your home.
  • Utilize a professional photographer.
  • Do not ignore repairs.
  • Do not make costly renovations.
  • Be sure to disclose defects
  • Try to not limit the amount of showings.
  • Consider all offers.
  • Be flexible in negotiations.
  • Higher a skilled real estate agent.

For most, their home is the largest transaction that they will ever experience, but it doesn't need to be the most difficult. If you would like a free consultation to avoid costly mistakes, please give True Realty a call for a free, non-obligatory consultation @ (720) 305-0757.